Problems are opportunities in work clothes (1960); Part of the problem (1961)

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   I didn't check this out yet, but it's also in 1941.
Reno Evening Gazette - 11/26/1941   
...and the Irish m his district by have these "BARGAINING CHIPS" in salty and 
Reno, Nevada Wednesday, November 26, 1941  721 k    
date for this.
Simpson’s Contemporary Quotations, compiled by James B. Simpson.  1988. 
NUMBER: 2176    
AUTHOR: Henry J Kaiser, industrialist   
QUOTATION:  Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.    
ATTRIBUTION:    Recalled on his death 24 Aug 67 
SUBJECTS:   The World: Business: Executives 
BIOGRAPHY:  Columbia Encyclopedia.  
Deming Headlight - 4/7/1960     
...sinews of the state. Cicero. PROBLEMS ARE ONLY OPPORTUNITIES in work 
clothes. Henry J.....of Luna County, on April 11, 1960. one day ONLY, from 9 A. M. 
to 5 P. M. Places of.....Burdick Mine MS 2035. You, and each of you, ARE 
hereby notified that the Mashed O default will be entered against You 
ARE further notified that unless ypu enter..
Deming, New Mexico   Thursday, April 07, 1960  915 k    
Times Recorder - 4/9/1960   
...same amount of income. Plato PROBLEMS ARE ONLY OPPORTUNITIES in w o r 
clothes. J.....society believe that they have solved the PROBLEMS of 
discrimination finally and.....of pride. Today there ARE no underdogs. ONLY in a very rich 
society such as we have.....discussing with a neighbor some of of the PROBLEMS 
be was experiencing with his four..
Zanesville, Ohio Saturday, April 09, 1960  692 k    
Holland Evening Sentinel - 7/22/1961    
...have to swallow it someday. PROBLEMS ARE ONLY OPPORTUNITIES in work 
clothes. Kaiser.....Ann Landers will be glad to you with your PROBLEMS. Send them to 
her in cARE of this.....of approval for calling a Con-Con was ONLY hardly a 
mandate to convert Michigan.....UAWCIO axis in Detroit and Wayne County. ONLY 
the state, stands between these power..
Holland, Michigan Saturday, July 22, 1961  980 k    
Chronicle Telegram - 2/2/1963   
...River Street FA 2-1627 2-1120 PROBLEMS ARE ONLY OPPORTUNITIES in work 
clothes. Kaiser.....Thin Sunday 119 Ewt Ave. Ph. FA 2-1621 The ONLY people you 
should try to get even with.....a genial editor, declAREd that there ARE three 
kinds of trouble in the world money..
Elyria, Ohio Saturday, February 02, 1963  578 k     
Commerce Journal - 3/24/1960    
...unawAREs. Mary Baker Eddy PROBLEMS ARE ONLY OPPORTUNITIES? in work 
clothes. Henry J.....held at -I p. in. "We Come to Communion not ONLY because we 
must, but because we may; not.....Today, where there ARE new houses there ARE new 
churches and where there ARE pan, when Commerce High School seniors 
ARE honored by the Youth Fellowship and..
Commerce, Texas Thursday, March 24, 1960  893 k     
   Popularized by Eldridge Cleaver in 1968, but used before this.  There are 
several 1967 hits.
Guthrian - 1/24/1961    
...person is eiTHEr PART OF THE PROBLEM, or PART OF SOLUTION. THEse words, 
which stared.....moment is eiTHEr PART OF THE PROBLEM or PART OF THE SOLUTION. 
At one time we may this you PART OF rfie PROBLEM or PART OF THE 
Everyone at almost every.....for THE community, THEn I am PART OF THE SOLUTION. If 
I don't do my PART for THE..
Guthrie Center, Iowa Tuesday, January 24, 1961  454 k       
Denton Journal - 11/23/1962 We are PART OF THE PROBLEM, not a PART OF THE SOLUTION. But when we 
have THE.....THE conversation at breakfast, THE conduct OF fellow workers, THE 
attitude OF THE people.....OF THE tremendous burdens built up during THE 
fifties. Here are some OF THE facts OF.....THE writer and not THE publisher. 
However, THE publisher had his moment OF error also..
Denton, Maryland Friday, November 23, 1962  774 k       
wardsville Intelligencer - 8/20/1963 sure he is PART OF THE SOLUTION and not PART OF THE PROBLEM." THE PROBLEMs which demand an immediate SOLUTION. .One great task OF 
THE educator is.....THE junior college movement, THE dropout PROBLEM, 
implementation OF team teaching.....THE commission sent for William Day OF THE 
Legislative Council to ask for maps OF..
Edwardsville, Illinois Tuesday, August 20, 1963  586 k      
Newark Advocate - 10/7/1964     
...Be sure you're PART OF THE SOLUTION and not PART OF THE PROBLEM. Promotion 
policy in THE.....THEy're willing to consider any reasonable SOLUTION to THE 
PROBLEM. A THOUGHT: National.....counties. who are elected will take an live 
PART. Misuse OF farm machinery acIf anyone.....steel in farmers DO a 
hundredweight PART is to assist in selecting top (beginning..
Newark, Ohio Wednesday, October 07, 1964  688 k     
Daily Times News - 11/6/1965    
...we are a PART OF THE SOLUTION, and not a PART OF THE PROBLEM. it be 
possible, as much.....has a paragraph dealing with this general PROBLEM OF human 
relationships, and in THE wall. It is friendship or chaos. in THE 
twelfth chapter OF flis letter to THE.....OF YOUR CHOICE This feature published 
under THE auspiqes OF THE Federated Ministerial..
Burlington, North Carolina   Saturday, November 06, 1965  500 k     

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