intransitive "hail as" = 'be; count as'

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Tue Apr 20 01:47:08 UTC 2004

>This use of "hail" was new to me. I took it as an extension, possibly
>erroneous, of "hail from" 'be from [a place]'.

Sure is new to me too. Google Groups shows this only since 1995.

In some cases "hail as" = simply "be".

In others it looks like "be identified as".

In others it looks like "be distinguished as". Or "be hailed as"!

A casual speculation: this is a conflation of

(1) "be hailed as"


(2) something like this (which is suggested by the first Google Groups

"Vessel on sensors, Cap'n. We're being hailed."
"By whom?"
"The vessel identifies herself as the Klingon cruiser 'Lollipop'."

In the edited version:

"Vessel on sensors, Cap'n. She hails as the Klingon cruiser 'Lollipop'."

I won't be recommending this one soon (in case anybody should ask my opinion).

-- Doug Wilson

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