Good Landing (1928); Sense God Gave a Goose (1948); Aklafluence of Inkahol (1943)

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Arthur's Home Magazine (1880-1897). Philadelphia: Oct 1889. Vol. 59; p. 900 (2 pages) :
   They say, "take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves," and so we can truly say, "take care of the trifles, and the big things, the great events, will take care of themselves."

A Monthly Journal Devoted to Art in the Household (1879-1903). Apr 1892. Vol. 26, Iss. 5; p. 137 (1 page):
   He would have them reverse Franklin's maxim, and look out for the big things, assured that the details will then take care of themselves;...


Tribute to Heroic Dead Should Be Restored at the Gate of Arlington.
ARTHUR GIBSON MORSE.. The Washington Post (1877-1954). Washington, D.C.: Apr 21, 1931. p. 6 (1 page) :
   I doubt that there is a square of newly constructed pavement that does not bear the inscription of some vandal.  "Fools' name (sic) like fools' faces are always seen in public places."

Autographing Wall Adds Day to Jail Stay
Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Mar 30, 1946. p. 8 (1 page) :
   "Fools' names and fools' faces always are found in public places."
   So goes the old saying.


   Not having much sense.

Times Recorder -  9/15/1953
...following An illness of 10 1 hAd the SENSE GOD GAVE A GOOSE. monthsI'd hAve reAlized..
Zanesville,  Ohio     Tuesday, September 15, 1953   791 k

Joplin Globe -  1/4/1948
...over to you. whAt he evidently the SENSE GOD GAVE A GOOSE, she sAt. He Also GAVE me.....recorded in 1947, the outlook for MArs, GOD of wAr, would be definitely dimmed. For..
Joplin,  Missouri     Sunday, January 04, 1948   767 k

Chronicle Telegram -  1/16/2001
...gone on for too long. HAd I the SENSE GOD GAVE A GOOSE, I'd stop pummeling strength. ActuAlly, if I hAd A lick of SENSE, I wouldn't even be writing this column.....there, but even someone without A lick of SENSE cAn see: He's just running AwAy. And fAd diets. Supersize the common SENSE, insteAd. NOMIMATEP NOMINKTEP NOMINATEP..
Elyria,  Ohio     Tuesday, January 16, 2001   543 k


   The influence of alcohol, or something like that.

Sheboygan Press -  4/21/1944
...though I may be under the affluence of INKAHOL, I'm not so think as you drunk I am..
Sheboygan,  Wisconsin     Friday, April 21, 1944   730 k

Times Record -  1/19/1943
...and I'm not as much under the affluence of INKAHOL as some peep, and the drunker the..
Troy,  New York     Tuesday, January 19, 1943   876 k

Lowell Sun -  3/30/1963
...I am not so much under the affluence of INKAHOL as some thinkle peep." That is in..
Lowell,  Massachussetts     Saturday, March 30, 1963   924 k

Council Bluffs Nonpareil -  2/22/1953
...and I'm not as much under the affluence of INKAHOL as some thinkle may peep, and the..
Council Bluffs,  Iowa     Sunday, February 22, 1953   742 k

Council Bluffs Nonpareil -  2/22/1953
...and I'm not as much under the affluence of INKAHOL as some thlnkle may peep, and the..
Council Bluffs,  Iowa     Sunday, February 22, 1953   736 k

Daily Times -  7/9/1966
...mixer sub-department: the alkafluence of INKAHOL, and then there was the dog that was..
Salisbury,  Maryland     Saturday, July 09, 1966   563 k

Newport Daily News -  2/7/1953
...and I'm not as much under the affluence fo INKAHOL as some thinkle may peep, and the..
Newport,  Rhode Island     Saturday, February 07, 1953   627 k

Daily Times -  8/29/1967
...Sough I theem under the alkafluence of INKAHOL, I'm not palf as half as packled..
Salisbury,  Maryland     Tuesday, August 29, 1967   675 k


   Ancient pilot saying.

Plane and Auto Heat Sources Are Different
The Washington Post (1877-1954). Washington, D.C.: Sep 16, 1928. p. A8 (1 page)
   _Plane Landing Definitions Vary._
   A good landing is one of the things of which a pilot may be proud.  However, not all definitions of good landings are the same.  A military pilot has given the most general definition and one that appeals to a great many persons.
   "It's a good landing when you can get up and walk away from them," he says.  The owner of the plane, though, might think otherwise.

Take-Offs and Landings
By HARRIS B. HULL. The Washington Post (1877-1954). Washington, D.C.: Sep 4, 1932. p. A4 (1 page) :
   He was forced to land the ship on its bottom and under those conditions "any landing that you can walk away from is a good landing."

Nevada State Journal -  2/27/1932
...what a LANDING. I say any LANDING you can WALK AWAY from is a GOOD LANDING." snaps.....will be well atended by those who like a GOOD time and enjoy dancing to GOOD music.....mind with hope and fear and pain, While you WALK on to other loves than ME, And my desire.....the beggar the change j'and then orders him AWAY. The following day at the bank the..
Reno,  Nevada     Saturday, February 27, 1932   669 k

Helena Independent -  1/11/1939
...he la piloting. A NY LANDING you can WALK AWAY from Is a GOOD LANDING. Mrs. Uarle, wife.....and Washington they have already done much GOOD. The Scandinavians have one of the.....rnina Uut it pours. It's bye to the Wally WALK, the Wully coiffure and the Wally.....only the ski. A SHAKE A DAY KEEPS DISASTER AWAY At a recent session in New York of the..
Helena,  Montana     Wednesday, January 11, 1939   530 k

Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune -  1/7/1939
...he is piloting. Any LANDING you can WALK AWAY from is a GOOD LANDING. Mrs. Earle, wife.....Social Directory" laughed it off as "just a GOOD joke on us." But in reality it is thought because of me you might never WALK, or ski, again." "I was afraid to.....I don't blame you for Dan said. "I ran AWAY. But I had my reasons. I meant to come..
Wisconsin Rapids,  Wisconsin     Saturday, January 07, 1939   893 k

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