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Hey, I wanna see the recipe for "superior Indian johnny cakes"!

At 07:56 PM 11/30/2004, you wrote:
>Early American Newspapers has added much stuff.
>   3. [A slang name, of which the real origin appears to be lost.]    a. A
> drink, consisting of spirit mixed with a small quantity of bitters, some
> sugar, etc. orig. U.S.
>   1806 Balance (Hudson, N.Y.) 13 May 146 Cock tail, then, is a
> stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and
> bitters. 1809 W. IRVING Knickerb. (1861) 241 They lay claim to be the
> first inventors of those recondite beverages, cock-tail, stone-fence, and
> sherry-cobbler. 1837 J. E. ALEXANDER Narr. Voy. Colonies W. Africa I. ix.
> 223 He invited us to take ‘gin sling’, or ‘cock-tail’, at the
> side-table. 1839 MARRYAT Diary Amer. Ser. I. III. 288 He frequents the
> bar, calls for gin cocktails, chews tobacco, and talks politics. 1843
> DICKENS Mart. Chuz. xvi. 202 He could..drink more rum-toddy, mint-julep,
> gin-sling, and cocktail, than any private gentleman of his acquaintance.
> 1882 J. HAWTHORNE Fortune's Fool I. xxvii, I would make no more of
> burglariously entering your premises..than I would of swallowing a whisky
> cocktail. 1931 M. DE LA ROCHE Finch's Fortune vi. 103 He..sipped
> cocktails in the lounge. 1948 New Yorker 6 Nov. 64/2 Cocktails are now so !
>  numerous that no bartender..can remember how to make all of them. 1968
> New Society 22 Aug. 266/1 Cocktails, in ‘We're going out to
> cocktails’, is non-U.
>Headline: For the Pittsfield Sun;
>Paper: The Sun;   Date: 1806-05-24;   Vol: VI;   Iss: 296;   Page: [4];
>Is it by the honest means of argument or sound reasoning? Or is it by
>publishing grog stories, and strictures on "_cock tail_"?
>   July 30, 1835    SunA Correspondent at Goshen, (Says the Cultivator)
> Sonds Us the following Directions for Making Superior Indian Johnny-Cakes
>Headline: [No Headline];
>Paper: The Connecticut Gazette;   Date: 1792-12-27;   Vol: XXX;   Iss:
>1520;   Page: [3];
>....and made the last of her meal into a jonny cake this morning before I
>came from home.

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