Sentence of the day; Deep doo-doo

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Thu Dec 2 02:14:13 UTC 2004


Metro (NY free newspaper), "My View" by C. J. Sullivan, December 1, 2004, pg. 11, col. 1:

If a jury likes a lawyer they may be more open to their case.

(THEIR case? Juries bring cases?...This article was in the text and the editors liked it so much it was highlighted?--ed.)


Nobody searches the ADS-L archives? Not Grant for his book? Not anyone now?

>From the BOSTON PHOENIX, June 3-9, 1988, pg. 1, col. 2:

_The election on television_
Dukakis, when challenged in debate, is given to responding with a dismissive "Get your facts straight," followed by a crisp litany of accomplishment.  Bush, even when not confronted, is liable to launch into a mystifying discourse on, for instance, the sexual antics of Alaskan caribou,
or an orgy of fractured syntax punctuated with such Phillips Andoverisms as "tension city" and "deep doo-doo."

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