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neil neil at TYPOG.CO.UK
Tue Dec 7 10:35:42 UTC 2004

This is my first posting from the other side of the pond; so you'll have to
excuse the British outlook. Explanations for non-UK English speakers are
found within parentheses.

A for 'Orses  (hay for horses)
B for Mutton  (beef or mutton)
C for Miles  (see for miles)
D for Ential  (differential)
E for Brick  (heave a brick)
F for Vessence  (effervescence)
G for Get It  (gee! forget it!)
H for Bless You  (aitisshue [a sneeze])
I for The Engine  (Ivor the Engine [children's story])
J for Oranges  (Jaffa oranges [brand name])
K for Restaurant  (cafe or restaurant)
L for Leather  (hell for leather)
M for Sis  (emphasis)
N for Lope  (envelope)
O for The Garden Wall  (over ...)
P for Relief  (pee ...)
Q for a Bus  (queue ...)
R for Mo  (half a mo[ment])
S for Rantzen  (Esther Rantzen [TV personality]
T for Two
U for Me  (you for me)
V for La France  (vive la France)
W for The Winnings  (double you for the winnings)
X for Breakfast  (eggs ...)
Y for Husband  (wife or husband)
Z for Wind  (zephyr wind)

And for those having difficulty spelling names, remember what my English
teacher taught me: I before E, except after C -- AND Keith, Neil and Sheila.

Neil Crawford

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