Who's got the right one, baby (UH-HUH)?

Barbara Need nee1 at MIDWAY.UCHICAGO.EDU
Thu Dec 9 17:18:39 UTC 2004

>Larry writes:
>    >>>>>
>  I love Webster's (NID3) solution to the phonetics of 'uh-huh':  within the
>usual backslashes we find not the usual symbols or any approximation
>thereof, but the prose statement \a disyllabic sound with m-sounds at the
>beginning & end, an h-like interval of voicelessness between, & heavier
>stress on the first member...\
>  <<<<<
>Meaning they don't consider it phonemic.
>-- Mark
>[This text prepared with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.]

And meaning they don't recognize the variant with [n] (or even (?) [N]).


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