Teen acronyms - the new etymological threat

Jonathan Lighter wuxxmupp2000 at YAHOO.COM
Sat Dec 11 23:06:33 UTC 2004

Hey, rounders!  Rounderettes!  Know how many funky faux folk etymologies be circulatin for the teen fave flave "pimp"?  Neither do I, so I peeped Urbandictionary.com and dug the following.  That's right!

Playa In Many Places

Person Into Marketing Prostitutes

Playa In the Music Profession

Pussy Is My Pleasure

Pussy In My Position

Put It in My Palm    (That's them ducats, dudes and dudettes!)

Put It in My Pocket  (Mo scrilla fo Godzilla, if you dig!)

Paper in My Pocket  (Ditto, yo!)

Now some peops aint hoppin with whats poppin, so they dream up smart acronyms that diss the dudes what do:

Piss in My  Pants

Pee In My Pants

Poop In My Pants

But da pimpest are da inscrutable Gollum-based

Pizaa Is My Precious

And da etymology champ,

Procuring for Immoral Purposes

(As a professional observer of the demotic, I discovered these while editing "pimp," n. and v., for Oxford the other day, yo.)

So, parents, if you wanna be pimp, talk to your teens!  Or, better yet, when you see em comin, run like hell!

Peace and yo,


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