Teen acronyms - the new etymological threat

Jonathan Lighter wuxxmupp2000 at YAHOO.COM
Sun Dec 12 04:33:02 UTC 2004

Thank you Wilson. I continue to do my best.

I believe that contemporary teens use most words without having the foggiest.

Now, in our day, it was just the hard words....

Booted to ALL that's hip,


Wilson Gray <wilson.gray at RCN.COM> wrote:
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Subject: Re: Teen acronyms - the new etymological threat

On Dec 11, 2004, at 6:06 PM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:

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> Subject: Teen acronyms - the new etymological threat
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> Hey, rounders! Rounderettes! Know how many funky faux folk
> etymologies be circulatin for the teen fave flave "pimp"? Neither do
> I, so I peeped Urbandictionary.com and dug the following. That's
> right!

Good use of "be," Jonathan. FWIW, while IM-ing with my
fourteen-year-old niece, I mentioned that pimps hate women and she was
all like, "They *do*?!" Unfortunately, her momz came in at that moment
and made her go to bed before I had a chance to boot her to the hip.
IAC, this leads me to infer that a lot of contemporary teens use the
word "pimp" without having the foggiest, WRT to its traditional
meaning. The second example comes close, except that adults know that
you don't have to market sex. It markets not only itself, but also
damned near anything else.

-Wilson Gray

> Playa In Many Places
> Person Into Marketing Prostitutes
> Playa In the Music Profession
> Pussy Is My Pleasure
> Pussy In My Position
> Put It in My Palm (That's them ducats, dudes and dudettes!)
> Put It in My Pocket (Mo scrilla fo Godzilla, if you dig!)
> Paper in My Pocket (Ditto, yo!)
> Now some peops aint hoppin with whats poppin, so they dream up smart
> acronyms that diss the dudes what do:
> Piss in My Pants
> Pee In My Pants
> Poop In My Pants
> But da pimpest are da inscrutable Gollum-based
> Pizaa Is My Precious
> And da etymology champ,
> Procuring for Immoral Purposes
> (As a professional observer of the demotic, I discovered these while
> editing "pimp," n. and v., for Oxford the other day, yo.)
> So, parents, if you wanna be pimp, talk to your teens! Or, better
> yet, when you see em comin, run like hell!
> Peace and yo,
> JL
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