Sanas of the noisy Racket

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Raic ard  
A loud  ruckus or brawl, a noisy quarrel. 
Raic, f., a quarrel, a melee, a ruction,  riot, uproar. Wrecking, smashing; a 
(Dineen, p. 873, O'Donaill, p.  981)       Ard, adj.  Loud.  
“They pound their glasses on the table, roaring with laughter, and Hugo  
giggles with them. In his chair by the window, Larry stares in front of him,  
oblivious to their racket.”    
(The Iceman Cometh, p. 728.) 
Raic ard spelled “racket” is the last "English" word  as two hidden Irish 
words in Eugene O’Neill’s  play, The  Iceman Cometh. The divine Raic Ard of 
Harry  Hope's waterfront joint in the old NY Irish slum (saol luim, world of  
Racket, n. loud noise or talk. 1565, of uncertain  origin; traditionally said 
to be of imitative origin. (Barnhart  Dictionary of English Etymology, p. 880)
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