"Chutzpah" classic definition (by Heywood Broun?) (1962)

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Sorry for the typos in my last post. I also meant to say you can't have  THAI
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I see from the ADS-L archives that I had posted 1966 for this. Heywood  Broun
coined it? I couldn't find earlier in Newspaperarchive.

25 November 1962, WASHINGTON POST, pg. E6:

The action of the Mississippi grand jury in blaming the Oxford Incident on
the Federal authorities reminds me of Heywood Broun's definition of the Hebrew
word :chutzpah," which he had used in one of his columns. Beginning by saying
 that the word was more easily illustrated than defined, he told th story of
a  murder trial in which a young man had been accused if killing both his
parents.  The evidence was clear, the crime had been of a most brutal nature, and
the  parents were shown to have been models of loving care who had made great
sacrifices for their son's sake. The jury quickly returned a verdict of
"Guilty." The judge thereupon asked the defendant the usual question: "Have you
anything to say for yourself before sentence is pronounced?" The young man
asked  for mercy on the ground that he was an orphan.

"That," said Heywood Broun, "is chutzpah."


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