"When you leave New York, you're just camping out" (1898)

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I've added the following to my web site. "Camping out" used to be famous.
Perhaps Fred Shapiro is interested in this and the "leaving NY" variants.
There's a Fran Lebowitz one that goes "When you leave New York, everything is
clean, but clean isn;t everything."

My computer just crashed. It takes about a half an hour to get it back up
again. Uh-boy. It's faster when I go to NYU, and I have more databases there,

"When you leave New York..."

There are many ways to finish  this. but all generally tell you that you're
not going anywhere  special.

3 January 1898, Chicago  <i>Tribune</i>, pg. 1:
"The production of my (Nat Goodwin - ed.)  play was largely due to Miss
Maxine Elliott, who, while in (Page 5 - ed.)  Australia, suggested to me that after
our return to America we produce Mrs.  Ryley's play, 'An American Citizen.'
The people throughout the country hold me  responsible for a saying I think was
original, that 'When you leave New York you  are merely camping out.'"
10 October 1904, Washington  <i>Post</i>, pg. 6:
Years ago some actor man thought he was  getting off a fine sentence when he
sang out: "When you leave New York you are  camping out." I'd substitute for
that piece of alleged wit by saying, when you  leave New York you are getting
back to comfort and  civilization.
9 September 1922, Coshocton (OH)  <i>Tribune</i>, pg. 4, col. 4:
But when Jane is in California she  talks about New York. Nothing like little
Old Broadway. No street to compare to  Fifth Avenue. When you leave New York,
you are camping out.
(Winifred Black  column - ed.)
12 November 1956, Mansfield (OH) <i>News  Journal</i>, pg. 4, col. 1:
LOS ANGELES - It may have been Bugs Baer's  first visit in this earthly
paradise of smog and neon that he was introduced by  a toastmaster as author of the
deathless line: "When you leave New York,  everything else is Bridgeport."
8 April 1972, Clearfield (PA)  <i>Progress</i>, pg. 22, col. 2:
The attitude is summed up by the  New York affectation that "when you leave
New York, your next good meal will be  in San Francisco."
8 May 1977, Burlington (NC) <i>Daily  Times News</i>, pg. 10B, col. 5:
He spotted an advertisement in a  newspaper, offering signs that read "When
you leave New York, you're going  nowhere." He ordered one.
4 October 1977, <i>Valley  News</i> (Van Nuys, CA), section 3, page 7:
Popular t-shirts worn in  the big apple proudly boast "when you leave New
York you ain't going nowhere"  but actress Chita Rivera's recent nationwide tour
proves it just isn't  so.
14 July 1987, Syracuse (NY)  <i>Herald-Journal</i>, pg. D3, col. 2:
Paul Volcker, former  chairman of the Federal Reserve: WHEN YOU LEAVE NEW

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