dirty words in dict ionaries revisted

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Oddly,. Partridge missed this one in his frequently overdone "Shakespeare's Bawdy."


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> A dirty mind is a joy forever, but when I first posted this I offered thos=
> who wanted a philological justification the thought that this dictionary=20
> might represent the earliest appearance in print of the word in an America=
> source.=A0 This is still may be the case, even though now it seems that th=
e book=20
> didn't originate in America, and perhaps not in the English-speaking world=

And of course (maybe this was mentioned earlier?) the reference to "her C's,=
her U's, her N's her T's, from whence cometh her big P's" (inexact quote) in=
Shakespeare's 12th NIGHT would have been published--and of course=20
revered--throughout the 19th Century in the USA and througout the world.

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