not too shabby (1969)

Benjamin Zimmer bgzimmer at RCI.RUTGERS.EDU
Fri Dec 17 23:16:29 UTC 2004

OED3 has 1975 for the litotic phrase "not (too) shabby".

Great Bend (Kansas) Daily Tribune, Apr 22, 1969, p. 6
The Black Panthers' 880-yard relay quartet of Bruce Huss, Jim Greene, Bob
Oliver and Robinson grabbed another first in the not-too-shabby time of

(Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin) Daily Tribune, Nov 12, 1969, p. 7
But Coatta said Wisconsin's passing game was not too shabby.

Great Bend (Kansas) Daily Tribune, Dec 2, 1969, p. 6
Actually, that isn't too shabby an effort for one of the youngest
basketball teams of its kind in the state.

Great Bend (Kansas) Daily Tribune, Dec 4, 1969, p. 6
His defensive work wasn't at all shabby Tuesday.

Great Bend (Kansas) Daily Tribune, Dec 11, 1969, p. 6
The Buffaloes' Stark grabbed 27 points in their 67-55 triumph over Dodge
City Tuesday night to give him a 24-point average in two league games. Not
too shabby.

--Ben Zimmer

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