"Chicken or the Egg"

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>Los Angeles Times, Jan 11, 1895, p. 6
>(Indianapolis Journal:) "Mr. Billings," said the landlady, >playfully,
>"which do you think came first -- the chicken or the egg?"
>"I never gave the subject much thought, Mrs. Hashcroft," >answered
>Billings, "but I am willing to bet that if any chicken >preceded this egg
>it died long ago, long ago."

Oh, all right.

1. Ferguson, Samuel, Sir, 1810-1886 [Author Page]
Father Tom and the Pope; or, A Night in the Vatican. (1868)  107Kb
Father Tom and the Pope; or, A Night in the Vatican.   [Durable URL for this text]
Found 1 hit(s):
Front matter   [Durable URL for this text]
PREFACE.   [Durable URL for this text]
...is, "whether the original egg was the parent of the chicken, or the egg was the original ancestor of that celebrated...

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