"Camp Cupcake" (Martha Stewart's place)

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Lexis-Nexis earliest hit is from the Providence Journal Bulletin /
January 12, 1996, P 1B / Byline: Bob Ke

> Sarault is part of the criminal class that falls from too high a place
> to be thrown in with the low-level killers and muggers who
> traditionally spend Christmas eating turkey with each other in a big
> hall not far from the cellblock.
> In coming home for the holiday from a prison known among regulars as
> Camp Cupcake, Sarault sent a message to criminals everywhere that it
> is better in the long run to steal in Brooks Brothers than in Levi
> Strauss.

>_WWW.BARRY_ (http://www.BARRY)  POPIK.COM--453 hits, and this is  counted
>from 3 a.m., and it's not even 11 a.m. And only 30 original or "unique"  hits?
>I was thinking about the words of the year and just realized that I'd never
>brought up "Camp Cupcake." It's a term like "Club Fed."
>CAMP CUPCAKE--12,000 Google hits, 26 Google Groups hits
>_CBS News | Martha Prison No 'Camp Cupcake' | October  7, 2004 20:34 ..._
>... Martha  Prison No 'Camp Cupcake' Oct. 7, 2004 Martha Prison  Arrival
>Due. (Photo: AP/CBS) "The procedure is very tough. You ...
>www.cbsnews.com/stories/  2004/10/07/earlyshow/main647995.shtml - 55k - Dec
>20, 2004 - _Cached_
>F-8)  - _Similar pages_
>    _Camp Cupcake_
>"The  majority of inmates at Alderson, nicknamed Camp Cupcake, are  doing time
>for drug-related offenses, according to the Bureau of  Prisons. ...
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>- Sep 30, 2:42 am by Countrystuff - 2 messages - 2  authors
>   _Martha  Stewart goes to the perfect prison_
>at least, symbolism  wise....the fed facility she'll be attending in Alderson,
>WVa is  nicknamed "camp cupcake". I think the WVa location  ...
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>   _Cupcake  OR Muffin ??? (Granny)_
>Did you hear the prison Martha is  going to is called Camp Cupcake? She will
>be able to knit  sweaters and mittens for the homeless there.
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