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Mullins, Bill Bill.Mullins at US.ARMY.MIL
Wed Dec 22 23:54:37 UTC 2004

zazous -- beat slang?

"Hip, Cool, Beat - and Frantic," _The Nation_, 11/16/1957, p. 349/1, Herbert
"Kerouac has appointed himself prose celebrant to a pack of unleashed zazous
who like to describe themselves as Zen Hipsters - poets, pushers and
panhandlers, musicians, male hustlers and a few marginal esthetes seeking
new marginal distinctions. "

narcotics czar -- prelude to drug czar??

" Federal Narcotics Czar," _The Nation_ 2/20/1960, p. 159, Stanley Meisler
[only appears in the article title]

the cold inside - narcotics addiction

"A Fix in the Igloo," Marcus Klein 4/23/1960, p. 361 (footnote).
"In the <i> Evergreen Review </i> for January-February, 1960, Burroughs bids
farewell to fifteen years of the cold inside and recommends the same to

cook, collar (prepare drugs)
"In fact the shot, for those who focus their sexuality on the needle, is not
slack or uneventful,
it has its courting ritual (dropper, collar, No 26 needle, cooking), its
teasing of the vein, and there is always the possibility of air-bubbles --
the possibility that they will kill you." ["cook" is known, and in the OED;
dropper, I suppose, is an eye-dropper, but what is "collar"?]

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