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> From:    Alice Faber <faber at HASKINS.YALE.EDU>
> : I was struck by this (perhaps) nonce-formation in the Toronto Sun,
> : quoting Eric Lindros:  "Myself, I've bought a house in the area and
> : I've Martha Stewart-ed it up."
> : (<>)
> I've heard it as simply the verb "to Martha", as in "I've Marthaed
> [Marthad?] up my living room."
> Now that i think about it, it seems that the verb as i've heard (and used)
> it is "to Martha up", close to what Lindros said.
> I've heard it more often as an adjective, though, as in "It was just way
> too Martha for me."
> Of course, with Alice's quote you've got a big, burly hockey player using
> "to Martha Stewart up" as something that he does. Nothing like being
> secure in one's masculinity, eh?

Of course, this is a big, burly hockey player who's occupying his time
during the NHL lockout by taking economics courses (aside from decorating a
new house). So, he's hardly typical in a lot of ways.

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