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>The first non-spurious entry in the OED for "frankfurter" is 1894.
>_Ogden Standard Examiner_ 1890-03-25 p. 1/4 Eating with the Dead
>"Lager beer, cheese sandwiches, pot-pot cheese, Frankfurter sausages and
>coffee fare to be provided."
>_Ogden Standard Examiner_ 1890-12-14, p. 5/7. "Beauty with Plebian Taste"
>[from the New York Sun]
>" "Frankfurter sausages and sauerkraut," replied the maiden."

>From APS via Proquest:

National Police Gazette, Dec 6, 1879, p. 14/3. "Glimpses of Gotham"
You have doubtless heard about the inexperienced husband who came home at
the milkman's hour deathly sick, and who, upon being interrogated by his
wife, owned up to sixty beers during the night, and laid the sickness to
one Frankfurter sausage.

--Ben Zimmer

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