Naming diseases

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: In recent years there seems to have been some effort to remove these
: possessive endings entirely: e.g.:


: ... where the CDC stipulates:

: Diseases or syndromes named after a person or place are generally not
: possessive:

: Bright disease
: Chagas disease
: Down syndrome
: Hodgkin disease
: Kaposi sarcoma
: Kawasaki syndrome
: Lyme disease
: Marfan syndrome
: Minimata disease
: Reye syndrome
: Rocky Mountain spotted fever

One problem with this list has been pointed out; another is that the words
disease, syndrome, sarcoma, and spotted are all consonant-initial. I find it
easy to believe these could all work without the 's, but i have a harder
time believing "Broca aphasia" and "Wernicke aphasia" will take firm root,
particularly when spoken.


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