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I'm with Larry on the simpler 'acre' for 'earth' replacement (from
the TV show, one of the few things which does not make me proud to be
a Hungarian). In fact, 'God's Little Acre' was withheld from many
children (although I got my little hooks on it) and is a much less
likely source.


>At 2:48 PM -0500 12/27/04, Wilson Gray wrote:
>>Heard on today's The People's Court, spoken by Judge Marilyn Millan:
>>How, _on God's green acre_, do you explain this?
>>For the younger members: back in the day, there was a popular novel and
>>a movie with the title, "God's Little Acre," which the good judge
>>appears to have crossed with the common expression, "on God's green
>>-Wilson Gray
>You're omitting another crucial ingredient in the blend:  "Green
>Acres", a TV show from the late '60's, spun off from Petticoat
>Junction.  No, I wasn't a devotee (it didn't go well with all that
>smoked banana peel).

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