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>Fred Shapiro <fred.shapiro at YALE.EDU> wrote:
>>Since Jon Lighter has joined this list since I posted this, I wonder
>>whether he might care to comment on whether he now regards the 1902
>>citation for "movie" in HDAS as discredited (as I recall, I and Sam
>>Clements both looked at the book in question and it wasn't there).
>I'm out of town at the moment without access to HDAS. If someone will
>post the cite in question I'll comment on it.

   1902 Jarrold _Mickey Finn_ (ad on rev. title):
   After the Movies "Murine" Your Eyes.

(OED3 gives the same cite with a date of 1903.)

Discussion by Fred Shapiro and Sam Clements here:


--Ben Zimmer

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