Mary Jane; Corker (1993)

Orion Montoya gorion at GMAIL.COM
Thu Dec 30 18:19:05 UTC 2004

> 30 December 2004, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, pg. 35, col. 3, "On the City" by Richard Schwartz:

A Google Groups search found an AP article with "corker" from August 1993.

For release in weekend editions, AUG 28-29
Bicyclists Take Over Streets In Monthly Ride
AP Photo FX102
Associated Press Writer

 At each intersection two or three "corkers" block the cars that try
to merge into the river of bikes.
 During the April ride a motorist angry at the delay rammed his car
into a "corker" who was holding a sign that read "Thank You for

I don't have easy access to a newspaper archive at the moment to find
a printed citation for this article; the usenet posting is
rec.bicycles.soc - Sep 3 1993, 3:07 am by Dave Snyder

-O, who has corked.

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