Hut (football) (1954)

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All right, so Ben Zimmer is busy working for the multinationals.
20 October 1954, The Sporting News, pg. 37, col. 2:
Let's say Mitchell has gone into the huddle and has called "26 on 2". That
means th fullback is to go off right tackle on the call of "two." Mitchell
snaps  into position, starts his call and is ready to give it the "Hut-two,
hut-two."  However, as he reaches the line of scrimmage for the call, he finds the
defense  has shifted and the "six" hole is plugged. Maybe this happens after he
has  started his call. Instantly, Mitchell must spot this change and call a
new play  without changing stride. He spots the No. 8 hole as open and quickly
shouts,  "Plus two." That means instead of "26" the play becomes "28," which
is the  option around end.

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