natural disaster (1902); disaster relief (1898)

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natural disaster (1902):

Chief Officer Scott, of the Roraima, one of the few survivors of the
eruption of Mt. Pelee, gives in the July number of Leslie's Monthly his
intensely interesting personal account of his thrilling experiences in
what was the greatest natural disaster that has befallen the world in the
memory of any living man.  [Fitchburg Sentinel (,
June 21, 1902, p 1]

disaster relief (1898):

Representative Boutelle of Maine, chariman of the house committee on naval
affairs, introduced a bill providiing for the relief of the victims of the
United States battleship Maine.  It follows generally the line of the
Samoan disaster relief bill of 1890.  [The Marion Daily Star
(, Feb. 25, 1898, p 1]

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