multitrack (various senses)

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* multitrack, a. (general sense - OED3 1955)

1904 _Atlanta Constitution_ 15 May 6/2 The multi-track system will also
minimize hazard as the different railroads become prosperous to install

1926 _New York Times_ 15 June 31/3 The improvement removes the
Pennsylvania's main route from a two-track line through the heart of New
Brighton and places it on a multi-track line on the river bank.

1938 _(Zanesville, Ohio) Times Recorder_ 12 Dec. 1/3 As secretary of state
he has given Washington a new demonstration of what President Wilson once
described as his own "one-track mind." In contrast, Hull's chief at the
White House has exhibited a highly multi-track mind.

* multitrack, a. (audio sense - OED3 1954)

1935 _Reno (Nevada) Evening Gazette_ 15 Nov. 7/4 By a system of
multi-track recording twenty sound tracks may be run to and fro along a
500-foot length of standard sized film, making 10,000 feet of recording
possible in 500 feet.

1953 _New York Times_ 10 Mar. 25/4 Warner Brothers announced today the
"perfection" by studio technicians of a multi-track sound recording and
projection system, which, the studio says, matches in depth and range the
"hearing power of the human ear."

1953 _New York Times_ 18 Oct. X10/3 Several manufacturers are preparing
the day with multi-track amplifiers.

* multitrack, a. (educational sense - OED3 1985)

1954 _Lethbridge (Alberta) Herald_ 6 Feb. 4/5 One basic objection of
Alberta curriculum-makers to a change from their multi-track course to
emphasis on the academic subjects is that this would mean that many young
people will not go on to high school.

1954 _Ibid._ In actuality the Curriculum Guide for Alberta Secondary
Schools does recognize this fact when on page 21 it states that its
multi-track program should be "suited to the varied needs, backgrounds,
preferences and abilities of all Alberta youth."

1958 _(Doylestown, Pennsylvania) Daily Intelligencer_ 10 Mar. The
multi-track educational program is important but we must not forget our
responsibility to the average child.

1958 _Gettysburg (Pennsylvania) Times_ 19 Mar. 3/6 All spoke of the new
"multi-track" approach to education in Pennsylvania.

1958 _Caribou County (Idaho) Sun_ 1 May 4/3 The great majority of the
delegates felt a key to the problem was adoption of the so-called
multi-track system under which a curriculum is set up to handle the needs
of students of varying ability.

* multitrack, v. (OED3 1972)

1959 _Washington Post_ 25 Oct H11/2 The first of the five records he has
released this year ... was terribly out of tune (but remember he was
multi-tracking all four tenor parts).

* multitrack, n. (OED3 1976)

1972 _(Appleton, Wisconsin) Post Crescent_ 31 Dec (Showtime section) 10/1
Good rhythms, melodies an lyrics encased in the technology of today
comprises "Talking Book," utilizing synthesizers, multi-tracks, etc.

--Ben Zimmer

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