"all stove up"

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The OED lists it first from 1901.

1901 A. C. HEGAN Mrs Wiggs of Cabbage Patch ix. 127 If I was n't so stove
up, an' nobody was n't lookin', I'd jes' skitter 'round this here yard like
a colt!

I'd seriously doubt the connection with a stove.

Sam Clements

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> My partner and I have been trying to track down the etymology of the
> expression "all stove up" which her father used to describe someone who's
very hurt,
> as in "he's all stove up."  Her father was born on the stake plains of
> Texas and his father took part in some of the last great cross-country
> drives as a cowboy for one of the large ranches, possibly the King Ranch.
> best guess is that the expression was born when a cowboy was so injured he
> couldn't do any kind of work and had to just rest by the camp stove until
he was
> hopefully better.  It's logical, I suppose, but is it right?
> Also, if anyone can suggest a good book on the derivation of other western
> phrases, it would be much appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Nell

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