New ADS server and primary email; new site TK

Grant Barrett gbarrett at WORLDNEWYORK.ORG
Wed Jun 2 22:26:00 UTC 2004


Please note that the ADS web site will be transitioning to a new server
over the next few days. It should be painless and invisible, but if you
have a glitch, please try again later. The web site address will remain
the same, . The old email archives
(pre-1999) will be offline while I get them accommodated to the new
server (something akin to buttering a cat's paws) and install better
searching tools. This should happen this weekend. The new archives,
post-1999, are still active and working, as they are graciously hosted
by LinguistList.

Great thanks go to Bill Kretzschmar and the gang at the Linguistics
Atlas Project at UGA for hosting the ADS site for the last few years.
It was a good deed. Thanks, too, to Eric Rochester for all his help
with technical issues.

Also, effective immediately, there is a new primary email address
associated with the American Dialect Society web site. It is now
webmaster at The old address,
gbarrett at, is no longer active. I was tired of the
oodles of spam messages it sent me.

Finally, a new version of the ADS web site is in the works, and will
appear soonish. The committee has been hard at work.


Grant Barrett
ADS Webmaster
webmaster at

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