New ADS server and primary email; new site TK

Peter A. McGraw pmcgraw at LINFIELD.EDU
Wed Jun 2 22:32:19 UTC 2004

And I say, kudos to Grant for managing the web site for quite a number of
years, and now for buttering cats' paws and dealing with oodles o'
spam--all so that the rest of us can effortlessly enjoy this list.

Peter Mc.

--On Wednesday, June 2, 2004 6:26 PM -0400 Grant Barrett
<gbarrett at WORLDNEWYORK.ORG> wrote:

> All,
> Please note that the ADS web site will be transitioning to a new server
> over the next few days. It should be painless and invisible, but if you
> have a glitch, please try again later. The web site address will remain
> the same, . The old email archives
> (pre-1999) will be offline while I get them accommodated to the new
> server (something akin to buttering a cat's paws) and install better
> searching tools. This should happen this weekend. The new archives,
> post-1999, are still active and working, as they are graciously hosted
> by LinguistList.
> Great thanks go to Bill Kretzschmar and the gang at the Linguistics
> Atlas Project at UGA for hosting the ADS site for the last few years.
> It was a good deed. Thanks, too, to Eric Rochester for all his help
> with technical issues.
> Also, effective immediately, there is a new primary email address
> associated with the American Dialect Society web site. It is now
> webmaster at The old address,
> gbarrett at, is no longer active. I was tired of the
> oodles of spam messages it sent me.
> Finally, a new version of the ADS web site is in the works, and will
> appear soonish. The committee has been hard at work.
> Thanks,
> Grant Barrett
> ADS Webmaster
> webmaster at

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