"Pop-Pop" revisited

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Subject: "Re: slider/Slyder(R), Gut-bomb"

>There's a nice map in Volume IV of DARE showing "pop-pop" to be found
>chiefly in PA, NJ, DE, MD.

and several other people (including myself) wrote in support of this
geographical distribution of "Pop-Pop" for "grandfather".

However, last night (June 2) the A&E cable network had a two-hour show, which
I taped,  on J. K. Rowling and the Harry Potter movies.  (Note:  the show
consistent had "Rowling" rhyme with "bowling", not "howling").  In the show
Richard Harris stated:

My granddaughter called me and said, "Pop-Pop," she said, "If you don't play
Dumbledore, I will never speak to you again."
<end quote>

At least I heard it as "Pop-Pop", and I played the tape three or four times
to check.  Harris mumbled the title; it could have been "Papa" but that sounds
unlikely as a title for one's grandfather.

Two obvious hypotheses:
1)  "Pop-Pop" has a wider distribution than the DARE data suggests or
2)  Harris's granddaughter lives in the Middle Atlantic States

       - James A. Landau

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