Job: Assistant Editor, Oxford English Dictionary

Jesse Sheidlower jester at PANIX.COM
Fri Jun 4 14:06:30 UTC 2004

Well, we're hiring again. If you or any of your students might be
interested in working for the OED in New York, application info
can be found here:

The meat of the posting is:

Assistant Editor, Oxford English Dictionary


Job Summary:

Writing and editing North American English entries for the Oxford English Dictionary.


    * Writing new entries for historical and modern American English, Canadian English, and Caribbean English terms.
    * Editing existing OED entries for such terms.
    * Reviewing general OED text to ensure proper coverage of American English
    * Conducting or supervising research, in libraries or online.
    * Recruiting and managing contributors to the OED's North American Reading Program.
    * Performing general administrative duties in the department.


BA in the humanities (especially English); extremely high
level of attention to detail; clear and elegant writing style;
strong knowledge of American history, literature and culture.

Please do not apply to me directly, but if you know me you should
say so (or have students say so) in the cover letter.


Jesse Sheidlower
Oxford English Dictionary

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