Lyrics as posted on the Web

Wilson Gray hwgray at EARTHLINK.NET
Sat Jun 5 05:52:29 UTC 2004

Lyrics as found on the Web aren't necessarily correct. I was looking at
the words to the hip-hop song, "Back That Azz Up" and I saw:

Girl, you looks fine! Won't you back that azz up?

I thought, That's funny. I thought it was "why don't you..." and not
"won't you..." So, I got out the CD, listened to it a dozen times or
more, and, each time, I definitely heard "why don't you..." However,
given that what was sung sounded pretty much like "hwah 'onchuh," it's
easy to understand that someone else might hear "won't you..."
I once thought that a song had the title, "S.O.S. El Amor." Given that
there was also a song titled "The Ship of Love," my interpretation
seemed to make perfect sense. The title was actually "Eso Es El Amor."

-Wilson Gray

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