Guesstimate (1904, 1928); Shrimp Wiggle (1904, 1907)

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   2004--a century of "guesstimate" and "shrimp wiggle."


   It's a little earlier now (I had posted the second cite below, where it
was "coined"), but it may have been re-invented.

    1.  Other 2 -- No Title
Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963). Chicago, Ill.: Apr 15, 1904. p. 6 (1 page)
   "ALL the same," declares the Troy (N. Y.) Times, "the census estimate is
undoubtedly more reliable than Chicago guesswork."  Out here it is considered
merely a census guesstimate.

    2.  'GUESSTIMATE' APPRAISAL.; Realtor Coins New Word to Express Careless
New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: May 6, 1928. p. 197 (1

    3.  "GUESSTIMATE."
The Washington Post (1877-1954). Washington, D.C.: Jan 15, 1929. p. 7 (1

    4.  "GUESSTIMATE."
The Washington Post (1877-1954). Washington, D.C.: Jan 15, 1929. p. 6 (1


   Oh, those naughty shrimp!
   I'd posted on naked shrimp, dancing shrimp, and singing shrimp, so it's
time to take another look at the shrimp wiggle.  Sure enough, the Chicago
Tribune is first.

    1.  Luncheon Dishes.; Shrimp Wiggle. SECOND PRIZE. $5.
MRS. E H LOWE. Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963). Chicago, Ill.: Dec 29,
1907. p. F3 (1 page) :
   A good Sunday night tea dish is a shrimp wiggle with sandwiches.  Pour one
pint rich milk or cream into your chafing dish.  When near boiling point
thicken with one tablespoon flour rolled into one of butter.  Add one can or one
pint fresh shrimps.  Stew four minutes.  Add one-fourth can green peas.  Boil
up once and serve on squares of hot buttered toast.
   Sandwiches to accompany above: Pour one-half pint boiling water on one
package pineapple jello on Saturday and pour it into a square, shallow mold.
When ready for your sandwiches set the mold for an instant into boiling water.
Invert on a dish and slice with a warm knife.  Place each slice between two of
nut bread cut thin and trim off the uneven sides.
   Another good filling for sandwiches is made of one roll of neufchatel
cheese mixed with one tablespoonful of white bar le duc jelly.  Spread this
mixture between thin slices of white bread, buttered.
1325 School Street, Rockford, Ill.

    2.  Some of the Fine Art of Chafing Dish Cookery -- Recipes That Every
Good Housewife Should Know.
New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Oct 8, 1911. p. X7 (1

    3.  Display Ad 10 -- No Title
Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963). Chicago, Ill.: Mar 2, 1927. p. 12 (1 page)

    4.  Display Ad 4 -- No Title
Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963). Chicago, Ill.: Aug 26, 1927. p. 4 (1 page)

Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: May 10, 1928. p.
A8 (1 page)

    6.  Handy Hints To Help the Homemaker; Shrimp Wiggle, Relish Salad, Fudge
Frosting, Chocolate Brownies Outlawed in Recipes -- Sunday Tea Menu.
By LOUISE BENNETT WEAVER.. The Washington Post (1877-1954). Washington, D.C.:
Oct 19, 1928. p. 11 (1 page)

    7.  Jane's Cooking Corner; SHRIEMP WIGGLE
gane E Hall. Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Jul
21, 1929. p. J8 (1 page)

Indianapolis Star - 10/23/1910
...s, will be tUft chafing dlbh such as SHRIMP WIGGLE; Golden Buck, English..
Indianapolis, Indiana Sunday, October 23, 1910  770 k

Indianapolis Star - 11/4/1910
...morning or from 2 to 4 this afternoon. SHRIMP WIGGLE, OOLDKN BUCK AND
Indianapolis, Indiana Friday, November 04, 1910  949 k

Altoona Mirror - 2/10/1904
...Two day Alii End Sale Price Try SHRIMP WIGGLE At the Armour.....tomorrow,
and try a free sample of SHRIMP WIGGLE at the Armour..
Altoona, Pennsylvania Wednesday, February 10, 1904  667 k
Page 5, col. 5:
    _Try Shrimp Wiggle_
   At the Armour Demonstration.

   Step down to the basement, tomorrow, and try a free sample of Shrimp
Wiggle at the Armour demonstration booth.  A delicious delicacy when made of Armour
   Armour's Extract of Beef, Asparox, Tomato Buillon, etc., on sale at the
tea and coffee counter.


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