Chili Mac (1903); Chile today and hot tamale (1928); Gedunk (1925, 1926)

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Sun Jun 6 20:31:49 UTC 2004

>    "Harold Teen," a popular comic in the CHICAGO TRIBUNE, was famous for the
>"gedunk sundae."  For whatever reason, the comic does not appear to be in the
>search engine's capability.

"Gedunk" was used for "dunk" (e.g., doughnut): I don't know whether this
was mock-German or a nonsense augmentation (like "ker-plunk" maybe). The
"g" is always /g/ AFAIK.

"Gedunk" was also used like (and likely based on?) "Podunk" occasionally,
apparently referring to a small town.

"Gedunk" (also with other spellings) became US Navy slang for "ice cream"
(by WW II) and also for other sweets/snacks ... and also for a Navy
ice-cream stand or small store (e.g., on a ship). It's still current AFAIK.

Just in case some might not be familiar with this odd word.

-- Doug Wilson

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