Club Sandwiches (1894); "Club sandwiches, not seals" (1996)

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   Paris Hilton has been wearing this slogan recently.
   We're hitting the bottom with our food phrases, folks.
Paris Hilton is Suddenly Against Clubbing; The Simple Life Star ...
... Paris Hilton is Suddenly Against Clubbing; The Simple Life Star Prefers 
to 'Club
Sandwiches, Not Seals' Wednesday, 21 January 2004 @ 23:03:11 EST. Funny ... - 23k - Cached - Similar pages 
CNEWS World - Paris Hilton joins seal hunt protest
... At this month's Sundance Film Festival, Paris Hilton posed in an 
anti-hunt sweatshirt
-- "Club Sandwiches, Not Seals" -- and signed a protest letter to the ... - 30k - Cached - Similar 
Vogue Stories
American Idol finalist Fantasia Barrino in her "Club Sandwiches, Not
Seals" T-shirt © WireImage. SEAL OF DISAPPROVAL. AMERICAN IDOL ... - 21k - Cached - 
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Clubbing was Living with ceri was Who should die?
Club sandwiches not seals. ROFLMAO!!!! I want one...I want one!! ceri
~who glanced at the clock and is late for work...opps! Wonder ... 
alt.books.poppy-z-brite - Jan 31, 1997 by Just ceri - View Thread (1 article)
Re: Living with ceri was Who should die?
... i thought you were seeking help about that.... That reminds me of 
Today I saw a guy wearing a shirt that said Club sandwiches not seals. ... 
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Re: Physical Memory Addresses
... DPMI) interface call. -- Neil Jarvis, Proteon International R&D, York,
UK. (Neil.Jarvis at -- Club sandwiches, not seals! 
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Re: Orphaned Response - (nf)
#R:dartvax:-61900:inmet:6400085:177600:30 inmet!andrew
Jan 22 19:03:00 1984 Club sandwiches, not wombats! 
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   Here's a "club sandwich"--not "clubhouse sandwich"--in 1894.
 Bucks County Gazette   Thursday, December 27, 1894 Bristol, Pennsylvania   
...sales of home manufactures and less CLUB SANDWICHES, These are very for..
Pg. 2, col. 3:
   Club Sandwiches.--These are very tasty for after-theatre suppers, and are 
made of very thin white bread and butter, with the cold white meat of chicken, 
salted and peppered and laid on a leaf of lettuce, between the bread.  Again, 
chopped green peppers or capers may be sprinkled over the chicken when the 
lettuce is omitted.
   Trenton Evening Times    Monday, April 26, 1897 Trenton, New Jersey      
...refreshments could not be served with CLUB SANDWICHES. It seems that the 
board.....thanks to th Fin, For add Feather CLUB, who har gent quite a number 
   Woodland Daily Democrat  Thursday, May 18, 1893 Woodland, California     
...1 of Cosmos CLUB salad, Bohemian CLUB SANDWICHES, chicken SANDWICHES..   

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