lead-pipe cinch

Mark A. Mandel mamandel at LDC.UPENN.EDU
Mon Jun 14 20:36:22 UTC 2004

Barry gives a quote as follows:

 Larry Krakauer described it like this: =E2=80=9CWe =E2=80=98cinch=E2=
=80=99, or =E2=80=98cinch up=E2=80=99,=20
anything that is held tightly by a strap or rope. If you want to cinch=20
something really tightly, you put something like a stick, or perhaps a piece=
 of pipe,=20
through the rope loop that goes around the object to be held, and you twist=20
it. The length of pipe twisting the rope gives you enormous leverage. Lead p=
was a suitable size and was likely to be available.=E2=80=9D This sounds pos=
though essential evidence is lacking.

Since lead pipe is indeed soft, I would expect a piece of lead pipe to be
LESS suitable for this purpose than a good solid stick of wood, which, as
long as it doesn't break, can be relied on to keep its shape and transmit
all your torque to the loop, rather than absorbing some of it by bending
and/or compressing.

-- Mark Mandel
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