"Mutt" etymology (speculative) addendum: more "mutton[loving] dogs"

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Tue Jun 15 04:11:18 UTC 2004

Here are a few more variants on "mutton dog" = "sheep-killing dog".


_Marion Daily Star_ (Marion OH), 14 March 1881: p. 4(?), col. 4:

<<Mutton loving dogs have just cost Summit county Commissioners $855 for


_Decatur Morning Review_ (Decatur IL), 27 Feb. 1891: p. 4(?), col. 5:

<<John Nichols ... has been paid $145 from the "Dog License fund," as
indemnity for the murder of numerous valuable sheep by mutton loving canines.>>


_Wellsboro Agitator_ (Wellsboro PA), 26 Aug. 1891: p. 3(?), col. 3:

<<Last Wednesday morning Mr. William Staats, of Delmar, discovered two dogs
worrying his sheep, and he shot one dead and wounded the other. The dead
dog was found to have a collar bearing Mr. Robinson's name. The other
mutton loving canine belonged to Mr. Lyman P. Chamberlain.>>


_Indiana Democrat_ (Indiana PA), 29 Sep. 1897: p. 1, col. 3:

<<Green township was favored last week by the marauding mutton canines ....>>


_Adams County News_ (Gettysburg PA), 17 July 1909: p. 7(?), col. 6:

<<Watch the dogs that come around the flock. They may be mutton lovers.>>


That has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? "Out of my way, you mangy

-- Doug Wilson

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