Chess Pie (1866); OT: Restaurant Week in NYC

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Sat Jun 19 00:30:00 UTC 2004

   It's restaurant week in New York City--for the next _two_ weeks.  The 
"prix fixe" is at $20.12, to help NYC get the 2012 Olympics and to swindle another 
eight cents from the expected $20.04.
   If you're coming to NYC, e-mail me and we'll make a reservation.  I must 
caution that I am on the rebound from Jennifer Lopez.
Summer Restaurant Week 2004 Summer Restaurant Week June 21-25 & June 28-July 
2. ... and three-course dinners for $30.12 to show support for New York’s Bid 
to host the 2012 Olympic Games ... - 31k - Cached - Similar 
   "Chess Pie" should certainly be in the forthcoming OXFORD ENCYCLOPEDIA ON 
FOOD AND DRINK IN AMERICA.  I don't know what it has on "chess pie"...I was 
recently informed that "chicken a la king" (probably in the top 100 American 
dishes) isn't mentioned at all, not even under "chicken"!
   Again, John Mariani's ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN FOOD AND DRINK has 1928 for 
"chess pie," and DARE has 1932 for "chess pie."  I had found several 
citations in the early 1880s.  (See ADS-L archives.)
   Old cookbooks take "chess pie" to the 1870s.  Newspaperarchive has it from 
1866.  I'll try to do better with the full-text CHICAGO TRIBUNE from the 
1840s, 1850s, and 1860s.  I doubt that I'll find "chess pie" in the digitized 
EARLY AMERICAN NEWSAPAPERS (which are mostly pre-1825).
Practical Cooking and Dinner Giving. A Treatise Containing Practical 
Instructions in Cooking; in the Combination and Serving of Dishes; and in the 
Fashionable Modes of Entertaining at Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. New York: Harper & 
Brothers, 1876.
Buckeye Cookery, and Practical Housekeeping: Compiled from Original Recipes. 
Minneapolis, Minn.: Buckeye Pub. Co., 1877.
 Coshocton Age  Friday, October 12, 1866 Coshocton, Ohio    
...fruit or vegetables to bo preserved. CHESS PIE. For" two pics common 
Pg. 4, col. 1:  
   CHESS PIE.--For two pies common size, take 4 eggs, 3 cups sugar, 1 cup 
cream, 1/2 cup butter, 1 tablespoonful flour, and flavor with nutmeg.  Cover the 
baking plates with crust, pour in the mixture, and grate nutmeg over it.  
There is no upper crust.  When a pretty brown, try with a spoon as for custard.  
This is the best pie we ever ate.

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