OT: French's mustard & hot dogs in 1904 (red-hot & mustard in 1890)

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   Not only was the "hot dog" invented at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, 
but also French's mustard.  It invented the combination of mustard and hot 
dog--or so French's tells us.  Who am I to spoil a 100th culinary anniversary?
French's Mustard was introduced at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis helping 
to popularize a new culinary creation: the hot dog  
1904 George J. French introduced French's mustard, the same year the hot dog 
was introduced to America at the St. Louis World's Fair. 
1904 The tea bag was invented by Thomas Sullivan of New York City. He first 
used them to send samples to his customers instead of sending it in more 
expensive tins. 
1904 Puffed Rice was introduced at the St. Louis World's Fair. Developed by 
Dr. Alexander P. Anderson of NYC, and first manufactured by American Cereal Co 
(which later became Quaker Oats Co.) 
1904 Post Toasties were introduced by General Foods (originally called ‘
Elijah's Manna.’) 
1904 R. Blechyden served tea with ice at the St. Louis World's Fair and 
invented iced tea. 
1904 The ice cream cone was invented at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904. 
An ice cream vendor ran out of paper cups and asked a nearby waffle booth to 
make some thin waffles he could roll up to hold the ice cream.     
   The following excellent article appears to have been cut off at the margin 
and is nearly illegible, but it must be read.
   Salem Daily News     Saturday, January 18, 1890 Salem, Ohio  
...he sells hash, bread rankfort sausage, RED-HOT" 11 de shentlemens haf 
some.....ice HOT. In dis box I carries the und MUSTARD. I shust valk me I. und 
Pg. 4?, col. 1:
   "See, he sells hash, bread (and?--ed.) frankfort sausage, red hot."
   The red-hots (are?) generally cut in two longitudinally (and?) smothered 
in mustard.

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