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   "On any given Sunday is often credited to NFL Films or former NFL
commissioner Pete Rozelle, but it goes back much further than that.
   Like "Sunday morning quarterback" and "Monday morning quarterback," I
checked "on any given Saturday."  Again, college football is earlier here.

(WWW.NEWSPAPERARCHIVE.COM) ("on any given Sunday")
 Mansfield News Journal     Sunday, January 03, 1954 Mansfield, Ohio
...including an all-important 58-' ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAY ANY pro team has
the.....victory in the sectiONal tournadefeaf ANY other club. "All the pro oppositi
Pg. 20, col. 1:
   That's what Dick Logan, the two-year offensive guard of the Green Bay
Packers, contends....(...)...However, Logan, who is scheduled for army induction
tomorrow, went on to say that on any given Sunday any pro team has the
potential to defeat any other club..."All the pro opposition is of the finest," he
says.  "You don't hit occasional easier spots like you do in the college brand of
competition.  And there's plenty of spirit, too.  The pros want to win just
as much as the boys in high school and college."

   Nevada State Journal     Sunday, October 02, 1955 Reno, Nevada
...Our first team can lick ANYbody on ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, but we don't have
the.....but the Redskins will be in trouble if ANY of them are sidelined by
Pg. 15, col. 5:
   "Our first team can lick anybody on any given Sunday, but (Col. 6--ed.) we
don't have the reserves and bench strength," Kuharich said.
(Joe Kuharich, coach of the Washington Redskins--ed.)

 Lima News  Sunday, February 24, 1957 Lima, Ohio
...ANY team can beat another on ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, whether it be first
or.....Ford Frick the "finest written for ANY group of men" .players with five, 10..
Pg. D-4, col. 6:
  "That's easy," he (NFL commissioner Bert Bell--ed.) says "The equalization
of the teams has been the savior of the game.  Nothing brings out people more
than competition.  There used to be a day when two or three teams won all the
games.  Today, any team can beat another on any given Sunday, whether it be
first or last."

   Holland Evening Sentinel     Wednesday, June 19, 1957 Holland, Michigan
...team can beat ANY other team on ANY GIVEN SUNDAY." Gibbs, 56, has
been.....36 years and has 19 years, longer than ANY other official, in the NFL. His
Pg. 13, col. 2:
   "This season coming up should be the most interesting in the National
Football League history.  All teams are evenly matched and any team can beat any
other team on any given Sunday."
(Ronnie Gibbs, NFL official--ed.)

 Mansfield News Journal     Thursday, October 10, 1957 Mansfield, Ohio
...s last ONe, kind of beautiful ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAY afternoON these
October.....Especially In Fall By GEORGE CONSTABLE ON a. bright fall day, sunligh:
(Not sports-related--ed.)

   Newport Daily News   Saturday, November 02, 1957 Newport, Rhode Island
...capable of beating ANY other team on ANY GIVEN afternoon." For several
years.....points don't count at. all on a GIVEN SUNDAY afternoon. i W-FIGHTING
Pg. 8, col. 1:
   The most obvious explanation for NFL upset each Sunday could be contained
in Bert Bell's annual pre-season speech, in which he intoned: "In this league
any team is capable of beating any other team on any given afternoon."

   Newport Daily News   Monday, June 02, 1958 Newport, Rhode Island
...There is league balance, ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAY a cellar club can knock
off.....Why? Doesn't a wrestling fan have ANY rights? Is he a secONdclass,
Pg. 11, col. 1:
   JONES (David R. Jones, president of the Cleveland Browns--ed.) WAS ASKED
to explain why in recession-hit towns, like Detroit and Cleveland, fans had
enough money to buy football tickets so far in afvance but were not buying
baseball tickets.
   "I think it is because there is no Yankee runaway in football.  There is
league balance.  On any given Sunday a cellar club can knock off a contender."

   Western Kansas Press     Friday, December 21, 1962 Great Bend, Kansas
...standouts to say that on almost ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, as Blanda goes so go
the.....loving Carllon (Cookie) Gilchrisl of ANY of his backboard prowess and..
Pg. 6, col. 2:
   But it's hardly a reflection on the other offensive standouts to say that
on almost any given Sunday, as Blanda goes so go the Oilers.

   News Herald  Wednesday, September 25, 1963 Hubbard, Ohio
...isn't there something about "on ANY GIVEN SUNDAY... 'CLARKSDALE, Miss.
(AP.....by the National Football League of ANY wrongdoing in financial dealings..

Pg. 18, col. 1:
   Now isn't there something about "on any given Sunday..."

 Oshkosh Daily Northwestern     Friday, October 23, 1964 Oshkosh, Wisconsin

...alsorans who could bust loose on ANY GIVEN SUNDAY. The Browns face
their.....the Athletics" owner. "I haven't at ANY time been approached by ANY one

   Sheboygan Press  Thursday, October 07, 1965 Sheboygan, Wisconsin
...schedule. And this business of 'on ANY GIVEN SUNDAY ANY team can beat
another.....not pinpointing h i s comments on ANY particular game, Davis made

 News Journal   Sunday, October 23, 1966 Mansfield, Ohio
...by noting that "ANY GIVEN team on ANY GIVEN SUNDAY But his phrase making
has.....in an American Football League game SUNDAY. In other SUNDAY action, the

 Oshkosh Daily Northwestern     Tuesday, October 25, 1966 Oshkosh, Wisconsin

...It has been said that ANY team on ANY GIVEN SUNDAY can stop another in
the.....price he gives you a better deal than ANY of the so-called "bargain"

 Valley Independent     Friday, November 04, 1966 Monessen, Pennsylvania
...to the American public -that on ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, ANY NFL team can team
is.....is first in the AFL in defense. ANY other team. The actual fact that

 Valley Independent     Thursday, September 19, 1968 Monessen, Pennsylvania

...over St. Louis know how it is, on ANY GIVEN SUNDAY American football
league.....outcome when the two clubs meet again SUNDAY at Milwaukee. The
oddsmakers peg..

 Ironwood Daily Globe   Friday, September 26, 1969 Ironwood, Michigan
...angels fear to tread, and where on ANY GIVEN SUNDAY (or Saturday) ANY team
can.....beat ANY other. Now Atlanta at Los Angeles..

   Chronicle Telegram   Sunday, November 01, 1970 Elyria, Ohio
...undoubtedly heard the expression "ANY GIVEN SUNDAY." There have been too m
ANY.....for pick-up. Fits moot sptcei-almott ANY area, portable, or have it
 Sheboygan Press    Friday, November 17, 1972 Sheboygan, Wisconsin
...Of Houston GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) On ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, as the National
Football.....has preached to the point of te dium, ANY team is capable o upsetting

 Ironwood Daily Globe   Friday, September 28, 1973 Ironwood, Michigan
...2-0) at Houston (0-2) On ANY. GIVEN SUNDAY goes the old saying.
.But.....of the season. "I. don't think there's ANY question the ball club played well..

 Post Crescent  Tuesday, December 03, 1974 Appleton, Wisconsin
...certainly a reminder that the ANY GIVEN SUNDAY cliche is still
operative.....a turnabout of such proportions in ANY game involving supposedly evenly..

   Indiana Evening Gazette  Friday, October 31, 1975 Indiana, Pennsylvania
...are those who subscribe to the ANY GIVEN SUNDAY theory. And there have
been.....Not Give Thy Opponent An Advantage. ANY advantage, no matter how minute.

(WWW.NEWSPAPERARCHIVE.COM) ("on any given Saturday" + football)
   Chronicle Telegram   Friday, October 17, 1952 Elyria, Ohio
...the squad to the top single; ON ANY GIVEN SATURDAY in the fa 11. ONly
50.....Press Sports Writer The NatiONal FOOTBALL League is busy proving'ANY..

   Sheboygan Press  Wednesday, October 17, 1962 Sheboygan, Wisconsin
...0 loss to Southern California. "ON ANY GIVEN SATURDAY, 1 think this
offense.....Sports chatter It didn't happen ON the FOOTBALL field but it sure's

   Coshocton Tribune    Monday, October 27, 1952 Coshocton, Ohio
team.....can beat ANY other FOOTBALL team..." quoted from..
Pg. 8, col. 4:
_Old Adage Is Still Timely_
_Ohio Football Teams Learn_
   COLUMBUS (UP)--"On any given Saturday afternoon, any football team can
beat any other football team..." quoted from, the "Old Coaches' Book."
   That was the old tale with a fresh new meaning for young grid warriors of
several Ohio COlleges and a university today.

 Post Standard  Saturday, November 04, 1950 Syracuse, New York
...of scouting would be terrific. ON ANY GIVEN SATURDAY afternoON in there
are.....NEW and Columbia will renew an FOOTBALL feud ON Baker field with the..

 Mansfield News Journal     Tuesday, October 21, 1952 Mansfield, Ohio
...ANY other cONference team ON ANY GIVEN SATURDAY. battle for the of
thej.....ONcebeaten Ohio State in a Big Ten FOOTBALL clash ihis SATURDAY at Iowa..

   Oshkosh Northwestern     Monday, September 09, 1940 Oshkosh, Wisconsin
...to mONopolize the headlines. ON ANY GIVEN SATURDAY, almost ANYthing
may.....By Harry Stuhlrireher. WiscON sin FOOTBALL Coach, Written for the..
Pg. 15, col. 1:
_Stuhldreher of Opinion All_
_Eight Opponents on the_
_Fall Schedule Will Be_
(By Harr Stuhldreher, Wisconsin Football Coach, Written for the Associated
   Madison--All signs point to the probability that the football season of
1940 will be marked by close games and brilliant play.  No team is likely to
monopolize the headline.  On any given Saturday, almost anything may happen in
any game.

 Ironwood Daily Globe   Monday, September 09, 1940 Ironwood, Michigan
...to mONopolize the headlines. ON ANY GIVEN. SATURDAY, almost ANYthing
may.....the from college to professiONal FOOTBALL after eight seasONs at..

    This Morning With Shirley Povich
The Washington Post (1877-1954). Washington, D.C.: Nov 3, 1942. p. 9 (1
   Until Saturday, full credit was being withheld from the Redskins on
account of Baugh.  It was Baugh who took the team wherever it went.  His passes were
appraised by the gamblers as worth 14 points to the Redskins on any given
Sunday, before they took the field.

    Sports of The Times; In Rude Rebuttal All the Ingredients Front and Back
The Matter of Schedules
By ARTHUR DALEYEarl Blaik. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York,
N.Y.: Oct 25, 1950. p. 48 (1 page) :
   The pros have a toughie every week and even the lesser lights have enough
talent to take the big boys if they let down on any given Sunday.

(PROQUEST HISTORICAL NEWSPAPERS) ("on any given Saturday")
    1.  CADDIES' INCOME DEEPLY CUT BY RAINY SUMMER; Donaghey Has Something to
say Of and For the Boys Who Tote the Golf Bags.
FREDERICK DONAGHEY. Chicago Daily Tribune (1872-1963). Chicago, Ill.: Aug 8,
1915. p. B3 (1 page)

    2.  MANY CLOSE GAMES ON GRIDIRON TODAY; Crowley Warns of Possible Upsets,
but Believes Notre Dame Will Defeat Navy. PICKS YALE OVER BROWN Thinks
Harvard Will Down Holy Cross and Penn Will Conquer Penn State. COLUMBIA FACES A
BATTLE Georgetown Seems Stronger Than Syracuse and N.Y.U. Has Edge Over the
Fordham Eleven.
By CHARLES F. CROWLEY.. New York Times (1857. Oct 15, 1927. p. 9 (1 page)
(By Charles R. Crowley, Head Columbia Football Coach--ed.)
   No coach can tell with any amount of certainty whether he is going to run
into an Autumn breeze or a howling hurricane on any given Saturday afternoon.

    3.  Sports of the Times; An Early Fall. Coming Events. Places to Go.
Worse and More of It.
By JOHN KIERAN.. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Oct 16,
1928. p. 39 (1 page) :
   The trouble with football these days is that there are too many "big
games" on any given Saturday from mid-October until Thanksgiving Day.

    4.  Sports of the Times; Running Through Light Signal Drills. Primed for
Defeat. Taking the Air at New Haven. Resuming an Old Debate. The Retort
Courteous. Night Life on the Gridiron.
Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. By JOHN KIERAN.. New York Times (1857-Current file). New
York, N.Y.: Oct 10, 1930. p. 28 (1 page) :
   He aims to be ready if there's an opening for a good drop-kicker in any
given Saturday.

    5.  Over the Fence and Out.
Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.By JOHN KIERAN.. New York Times (1857-Current file). New
York, N.Y.: Feb 17, 1933. p. 24 (1 page)

Be Able to Tune in on Out-of-Town Contests It Is Feared
BRAVEN DYER. Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Jun
14, 1933. p. A9 (2 pages)

    7.  This Morning With Shirley Povich; Football Map of the United States
The Washington Post (1877-1954). Washington, D.C.: Oct 21, 1940. p. 16 (1
page) :
   ...Mr. Tommy Harmon.  That young man appears able to score as many
touchdowns as is necessary on any given Saturday afternoon.

    8.  SPORT POSTSCRIPTS; Postscripts
PAUL ZIMMERMAN. Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.:
Nov 22, 1940. p. A9 (2 pages)
First page:  Undoubtedly you can pick a team that--on its college
performance--could defeat this eleven; but you will have to admit that this is a pretty
fair country aggregation that would give a very good account of itself on any
given gridiron on any given Saturday.

   11 October 1950, THE SPORTING NEWS, pf. 42, col. 1:
   "Green Bay is a real title threat in the National Football League and is
liable, if not likely, to beat any team in the league on any given Sunday."
   This was Clark Shaughnessy's reaction here following Green Bay's sudden
upswing in power that was featured by a somewhat astounding 31 to 21 victory
over the Chicago Bears on October 1.

   26 September 1951, THE SPOORTING NEWS, pg. 46, col. 4:
   The Steelers are a rock-and-sock-'em group which on any given Sunday can
whip the best.

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