88 bottles of beer on the wall (1966)

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13 November 1956  _The News_ Newport(RI)  6/5-6

(Headline)Ten Mugs Of Beer On The Wall--That's Singing Bus Driver's Favorite

<<East Haven, Conn., claims its Michael Vendola is the only singing bus
driver in the world.  Mike leads his busload of kindergarteners in song five
days a week.
   Mike started the tuneful trips to school in 1953 when he noticed most of
his passengers were crying becauses they didn't want to go to school.  So he
cheered them up by singing and he has been at it ever since.
   And, oh, yes, one of the tots' favorite tunes, says MIke, is a song
called "Ten Mugs of Beer on the wall." >>

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>    Seriously, what is the origin of that stupid song?  >    We've
discussed the regional variations of "if one of those bottles should
> happen to fall" against "take one down, pass it around."  This is
> regarded as a summer camp song, but from where?
>     1.  Let Front Seat Driver Suffer in Silence
> By Erma Bombeck. The Washington Post, Times Herald (1959-1973).
> D.C.: Nov 18, 1966. p. D8 (1 page):

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