Stir Frying; Chawan Mushi; Torrijas & Migas (1955)

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sun Jun 27 03:59:17 UTC 2004

>    HOW TO EAT AND DRINK IN CHINESE is now selling for $285 a copy on Amazon!
>    I've been going through CHEF D'OEUVRE.  Is the author of the
>following article the same Chao who wrote the above book (mentioned
>recently in The New York Times)?

No, a different Chao.  And probably no relation to Buwei and Yuen Ren
Chao--it's not an uncommon name.


>    Number 3 Autumn 1955, CHEF D'OEUVRE, "The Oriental Touch" article series
>Wang Chao

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