Gyppy/Gippy Tummy (1934)

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This has since been rationalized by Americans as "drippy tummy."


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HDAS has 1943? "Gyppy" is from Egyptian. The 1934 story is a report from
8 May 1934
pg. 3:
Much is heard of "Gippy tummy" which is supposed to be caused by the
climate, but I think a Health Week, during which kitchens and cooks were inspected
would do a lot to reduce dysentery here in Egypt.
17 July 1942
pg. 4:
In the Middle East, particularly at this time of the year, we have our own s
pecial ailment, our little contribution to the geography of medicine so to
speak--gippy tummy.
8 December 1943
pg. 4:
THERE was a high rate of "gyppy tummy" among the personnel at the
conference, especially those newly out from Britain and the United States.

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