Bad SF lexicon

Mullins, Bill Bill.Mullins at US.ARMY.MIL
Sun Nov 6 03:57:33 UTC 2005

> started reading ASF with the November, 1948, issue and I was a charter 
>subscriber to F&SF and to Galaxy. I read as much SF as I could find 
>from all sources - even the Saturday Evening Post! - till I finally 
>let my last two subscriptions - to Analog and F&SF - lapse at the 
>turn of the century. I just became too old-school to enjoy current 
>SF, I guess. And I really missed the old illustrators like Cartier, 
>van Dongen, and Freas.

Virgil Finlay and Chesley Bonestell were my faves.  The local museum,
The Alabama Space and Rocket Center, has a number of original Bonestells.

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