Bad SF lexicon

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I hope that I'm not being presumptious or, worse, incorrect, here, but,
IIRC, Koontz started out in SF some time before switching to horror. OTOH,
it could be the case that I simply didn't see any of his horror work because
I only rarely read horror mags, back in the day. I did notice his horror
stuff when he began to publish novels, which I began to read only because I
remembered his name from his SF days and I mistakenly assumed that his first
novel was also SF. It was weird, as it always is when you think that X, but
the reality is Y.


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> > Just a bit of data for you, Jeff; if you're doing your SF dictionary
> from
> > entirely 'legit' SF sources, this may come from outside your purview.
> I'll take citations from any old place I can find 'em. Indeed, I'm very
> interested to see where SF terms cross over into other lexicons, although
> in
> this case I'd be inclined to think of Koontz as being more or less within
> the
> fold, since if memory serves he's written a few other SF novels. At any
> rate,
> I'm glad to see another example of this extended use. Without knowning
> where
> the aliens are from, you couldn't really call what they're doing
> "Procyoforming" or whatever, so calling it "terraforming" makes some sense
> (if
> you can let go of the etymology, anyway), although I rather like
> "reverse-terraforming."
> Jeff Prucher
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