Morning after (Election OT)

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Wed Nov 9 19:36:54 UTC 2005

(This had been sent to the ADS list in error. I might as well  respond.)
Thanks for the ADS members votes. Michael Bloomberg spent millions and got
re-elected, of course. After that, it was the usual complete wipeout  of
I was outnumbered 8-1 in Democrat-Republican registrations in Manhattan,
severely underfunded, and ran for a seat Republicans had not held in over three
generations. To say that I never had much of a chance is stating the  obvious.
Still, it was worthwhile running with Bloomberg and going to his parties  and
meeting people. I never got to speak with him about "the Big Apple," but
some people now know who I am.
My opponent took in huge amounts of money from real estate developers, and
much of that is matched 4-1 by the taxpayers. I will try to save the public
millions of dollars when I go before the Campaign Finance Board on December
There is still a chance that I could win. My opponent has not been sworn in
yet. There is still an outstanding CFB case that he violated state campaign
finance law in winning the Democratic primary with meddling from a third
political party (a very good case, in my opinion). I wanted that case  decided
before the election, but the CFB dragged its feet. If the "winner" is a  certified
crook, he may not take the oath, and I finished second.
Barry Popik
_www.barrypopik.com_ (

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