OT: Daniel Chester French's models (Columbia's Alma Mater, etc.)

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 From the site

  "Alma Mater's" face is one of the most beautiful in French's
output. The model may have been Mary Lawton, an actress and friend of French's.

There is also a reference (link) to an article in "Columbia News".

(I did not Google further, for other hypotheses.)


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>This is off-topic, but I'm researching Daniel Chester French's models.
>French's most famous work is Lincoln in Washington, D.C. His most
>popular model,
>perhaps, was Audrey Munson (who I rediscovered).
>Audrey Munson's long-lost film PURITY will be shown at the University of
>California-Santa Barbara on November 20th, and I'm trying to bring
>it to NYC. On
>Google Answers a few weeks ago, I was told that the model for Daniel Chester
>French's Four Continents Group at NY's Bowling Green (Customs House), thought
>to  be modeled by Audrey Munson, is Violet Blossom Conrad.
>I'd like also to know the model for Daniel Chester French's "Alma Mater" at
>Columbia University. I read somewhere (did I post it here?) that it was  posed
>for by a Ziegfeld Follies star. I thought the newly digitized BARNARD
>BULLETIN would have this info, but I can't find it.
>I'm also curious about the model for Daniel Chester French's "The  Republic,"
>the huge statue at Chicago's 1893 Columbian Exposition.
>Artists' models were seldom recorded, but newspaper obituaries mention  these
>things--and newspapers can now be searched. I recently discovered an  Audrey
>Munson competitor named Jesseca Penn. "Dudie" Baird is another model who
>posed for famous NYC sculptures (Diana on the old Madison Square Garden).
>Sorry for the OT.

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