Get a deal on prescribed relief. Outstanding.

David Bowie db.list at PMPKN.NET
Wed Nov 16 16:51:34 UTC 2005

Truth in advertising?

(I'm reminded of a spam i got recently that had as the subject line "You
qualify for scholarship of $0,000,000".)

David Bowie

From:    "Arnold M. Zwicky" <zwicky at CSLI.STANFORD.EDU>

> undernegation?

> Begin forwarded message:

>>From: Elizabeth Zwicky <zwicky at>

>>I accidentally read the first sentence of this spam, and now am
>>wondering how they got to it; do they not understand "ticket to"?
>>Or is "uneconomical" the problem?

>>Begin forwarded message:

>>>From: "hank cardenas" <harmonia at>
>>>Date: November 14, 2005 8:49:03 PM PST
>>>To: "pat tegarden" <zwicky at>
>>>Subject: Get a deal on prescribed relief. Outstanding.
>>>Reply-To: "hank cardenas" <harmonia at>

>>>Our shop is the clear ticket to shelling out uneconomical prices
>>>for the same goods.

>>>Owing to our air tight service, we're the most relied on shopping
>>>site on the internet...

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