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Just a few years ago, in a bar in rural Wisconsin I think. They are
still around, on a limited, local basis. In the old days they were
"franchises." You paid for the boards and prize and then placed them
in local stores. The economic potential for such an enterprise was
often advertised in comics and popular magazines.

Who remembers the derived slang item? punchboard = a girl with many
sexual partners.


>Has anyone seen an actual punchboard since the 50's?
>Does anyone under 50 know what a punchboard is?
>--- "Douglas G. Wilson" <douglas at NB.NET> wrote:
>>  >I'm familiar with it, but, unfortunately, I can't
>>  remember when I first
>>  >heard it. I can say for certain that I haven't
>>  heard it since 1990 and that
>>  >I've never had occasion to say it.
>>  Likewise, but I would add that I've encountered it
>>  very seldom, maybe only
>>  once.
>>  -- Doug Wilson
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