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        I haven't seen one since the early 1970s, but apparently they
are still found occasionally.  This legal opinion indicates that some
were in use as recently as 1998 in an Elks lodge:  "In April 1998,
numerous gambling related items were seized from the Lodge, including
appellant's video gambling machines, tip tickets, punchboards and
various accounting records showing gambling payoffs."  State v. George,
2000 WL 1876771 (Ohio App. Dec. 22, 2000).

        I've never encountered the sexual sense.  And, yes, I'm under
50, but not by much (I'm 46).

John Baker

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Has anyone seen an actual punchboard since the 50's?
Does anyone under 50 know what a punchboard is?

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> >I'm familiar with it, but, unfortunately, I can't
> remember when I first
> >heard it. I can say for certain that I haven't
> heard it since 1990 and that
> >I've never had occasion to say it.
> Likewise, but I would add that I've encountered it very seldom, maybe
> only once.
> -- Doug Wilson

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